You can order a cab through simple options. They can order or book a vehicle through:

On-Site Booking

On-Call Booking

Mobile Application Booking

Provide with your address on our site/number and the required car will reach you under a short time.  For the customer’s convenience, we chose this specific booking system for people troubled with internet access or even for people with a short time who need to get to their destination.

The most convenient service is our 24/7 car availability. Our helpline and call centre operates 24 hours a day and seven days a week. No matter where you are in the city, My Lift will always get to your location in a short time.

Company Values

The support of My Lift is solely for their customers. We live for our customer and love to serve them …..


My Lift is a dynamic name to care your buying will-power with the optimal solution as per customers’ desire.


Our goals are very vivacious and our concerns are very predictive for the happiness of our customers with diversified quality from other rivalries in the market.

How we are unique from others in the market? Why choose us?


We prior only your satisfaction and our customers need. What we look into is merely the care that you need. Overall, the package we look for is quality assurance as under the reasonable top-notch luxury. Our all services are legally proven to you.

Driver Standards

Human behaviour is preferred to get success

You will find our crew of drivers so cooperative and friendly. Our drivers are not only able to drop you to your destination but listen to you if you add any stop by point to collect something from a store.

Following are very vivant features of the our Chauffeurs because customer satisfaction is a pure priority of our business.

  • They are multi-lingo so helping to understand your language.
  • They are educated and hold an international driving license.
  • My Lift drivers are cooperative and come up under the budget you paid once to the company at the time of booking VIP car along with VIP protocoled driver.
  • We ensure you a nice behavioural chauffeur as per your desire.
  • They are aware of the rules and regulations of the each city in which you are moving. So, you do not need to open google map if you are a visitor to any city of the Pakistan.

Call Centre

Keen Customer Services are on the way

Customer care is the quality assurance job of any business. If your customers are not satisfied with you then what are you doing in the market? We have designed and shaped a team of the customer care centre as we already told 100 members are last but not least serve you for this service. The management crew we hold in our section of customer call centre service are all well trained and well-mannered who have passed an examination to settle in this job.

They are trained to talk you so calmly and peacefully to spread a positive vibe toward a product. We have unpredictable and unseen technology in the market to handle all calls with care. Our software management is near to 5G where upcoming technology will talk to high-tech automation. The contact centre staff are well prepared to provide you with the best understanding of the query you asked them with 24/7 service.  

Personal Accounts

Priority is given to all MY Lift personal accounts. You can book rides and check out fares for various destinations online and get the vehicle you require. Also, you can log into your account and keep track of all previous rides as well.

We specifically give importance to your privacy. Our smart technology lets the customer book rides without sharing contact numbers with the driver. We use exchange transfer to let the captain pick up your call, that way you would not be bothered and your information will be kept personal.

Business Accounts

MY Lift will keep your business on the move! Whether if its travel for your employees, pre-booked ride for the airport, or an urgent meeting, MY Lift rides will get you there on time. Our pre-booked rides add extra convenience to your everyday routines and our captains are fast on navigation. You would not have to worry about being delayed.

For companies looking to assist their employees, MY Lift gives special advantages to benefit them. We’ll collaborate with your company to give you luxurious travel all around town.

Create a personal account at MY Lift to get your rides started. Or create a business account to attain further advantages for your company.