Our journey began with an idea to allocate better drivers and better rides amongst the hustling cities of Pakistan for every individual. To rid the roads of dull traffic and poor navigation, My Lift came up with a motive to establish a quick car service. We not only perform our job but also deliver comfort and safety. Successfully making customers happy alone in Rawalpindi and Islamabad, My Lift is looking forward to grow its channels in other major cities of Pakistan like Lahore as well.

MY Lift is a car ride service that conveniently takes people to their destinations in comfort and security. It is a platform that works every day to better the lives of people around it. Is not finding a comfortable ride irritating enough? We understand your requirement for finding an easy, fast and reliable ride. That is why MY Lift provides services that are compatible with today’s technology, making it convenient for the people.

Do you have internet? Book a ride! Don’t have internet? No problem! We created a system where anyone and everyone can gain access to MY Lift’s services. Ring us a call and you will find your ride at your door step. Every person desires a comfortable ride, and anyone can book it. Book rides with or without internet access, we make it easy for you.

We provide  quality and professional services any time you want it. You can book your ride in few minutes. Our large growing network of loyal customers depend on us for everything from airport pick-up and drop-off to grocery runs, medical appointments or hospital visits, sightseeing tours, and unforgettable days and nights on the town. Our focal  points for Customers are:

We are Unique!

The uniqueness of our companies lies in the call-Centres of the company which are located all over the cities within the range of a few miles. Our all centres are interconnected to each other via system which not only improves the effectiveness of the system but also the safety to the Travellers and Drivers, you can book a Cab at any time by direct calling.

Our Services

What we do?

Usual routes in a bustling city can be nerve-wracking, especially when you are unsure of your transport. My Lift ensures hassle-free car booking services to keep its customers away from the inconvenience of local, unkempt transport and provides affordable rides to keep you relaxed. Order a car, and we will send one right away at your doorstep in a short time! You wouldn’t have to be late for your next office meeting or lecture, because with My Lift you can’t be late. Our captains are expected to be on-time and are precise with the location. Moreover, navigation is their speciality and will get you out of heavy traffic routes.

MY Lift operates convenient transportation facilities solely in Pakistan that helps you reach destinations fast and lets you earn while you drive. We make people’s lives easier by providing them with a fast, secure and comfortable ride anywhere in the city. With just a phone call you will be able to get a vehicle within moments that will stop right outside your home. MY Lift will take you anywhere in the city and let you enjoy a hassle free ride. Book a vehicle on our website or call on our UAN for your next trip.

We ensure security for our captains as well. For us, captains at MY Lift not only drive for an earning, they are a part of us who help us grow. That is why we care for their needs and make sure they drive within a comfortable environment. Any inconvenience faced by them is our problem, and is our duty to fix it.

Whether if you require a ride to your home, office or school, we will get to you in no time. Our services are unlike ordinary car bookings. Rather than solely providing pick and drop, our purpose is to ensure a comfortable ride within a safe, professional environment. All mobiles working under us are guaranteed to be kept clean and fully functional.


Our methodology is designed to help you take maximum advantage of affordable and convenient rides. It lets us connect to you easily and you can book a ride in no time. We at MY Lift believe in reliable and secure driving. With the help of technology, our methods are smart and safe that let us track every ride to avoid the slightest inconvenience. Drivers know their way around town and your pick-up will be quick. Payment methods are easy and amounts are calculated for no misunderstandings. You may even pay your driver through card on pre-booked rides.

You can order a ride by clicking onto our website or ringing on our number. Get a ride within minutes and travel to your destination with ease.


Starting our journey from the twin cities, Islamabad and Rawalpindi, MY Lift’s vision is to establish a national brand recognition in Pakistan and develop more facilities for local people. As a national company, our mission is to invest finance and facilities in Pakistan and stabilize more resources for the locals. Multinational companies who earn finance from us invest abroad. Our vision is to establish a platform that could assist people inside as well as outside MY Lift.

Why Choose Us?

Having started its services in the twin cities, My Lift look forward to benefiting Pakistan with its services and provides maximum value to its customers. Its core aim is to invest in Pakistan for Pakistan and to gain recognition as a national brand name of trust and reliability. As a Pakistani company, we understand the local requirements and basic needs of the people. We continue to better our car services every day to ensure safe rides for anyone travelling at any time.

Life in the city requires constant travelling. And what better way there is to travel if it is not comfortable and safe. We believe that no matter what your destination is, everyone deserves to experience stress-free travelling. My Lift provides unmatched car booking facilities for its customers that promises safe, comfortable and hassle-free rides.

Customer Privacy

The customer’s privacy is our priority. We do not share personal data (including number) with anyone, especially the captain. Calls are received via exchange transfer instead of directing towards the captain. Security is a matter of trust, and we make sure that any customer’s information is not handed out to anyone.